Brass Tubing

As a material, brass offers a number of advantageous for certain industries as it is very corrosion resistant so harsh applications are a great place to utilize brass tubing. If you are looking into brass as a material choice for your application and are still unsure if it is the right choice, consult an experienced brass tubing manufacturer who will listen to your application’s needs and requirements in order to determine if brass is the right choice for you.

This is important as there are many options when looking at alloy tubing, from steel to aluminum and mixtures of metals. All of these have distinct advantages when it comes to certain applications, brass happens to be commonly used in areas with high water temperatures, risk of corrosion is present, or even in applications where the visual appeal of brass makes it standout.

Brass itself has a wide range of physical properties, for starters it is far more malleable than a metal such as bronze or zinc making it easier to mold and machine. As stated before one of the main attractions of brass in terms of tubing applications is the aversion to corrosion, on top of that brass can be found in a number of other applications outside of brass tubing due to its electrical conductivity and decent strength. Brass is an alloy of copper, meaning it is a combination of two or more metallic elements which allows for increased range of properties. In the case of brass, it is a mixture between copper and zinc where copper is more prevalent but zinc is the main alloying ingredient outside of copper.

After you have confirmed that brass tubing is the right material for your specific application, you must now verify that the brass tubing manufacturer is able to provide you with the right dimensions per your applications requirements. From the diameter of the tube and the wall thickness to the overall length of the tubing, your manufacturer should be able to provide you with a solution that will satisfy your needs in order to add value to your application. As brass is an alloy, there is a wide range of brass types to choose from all with different copper to zinc ratios which provide more distinct advantages to certain applications. Consult with your brass tubing manufacturer to determine the best brass type for your specifications and requirements.

Brass Tubing Metal tubing, specifically brass tubing, is a form of metal tubing which can be used for a wide range of applications.